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Meaning of Valentine’s day flowers

Flower Meanings Can Help to Choose A Perfect Valentine’s flowers bouquet

Sending flowers on Valentine’s Day is traditional in Johor Bahru and Malaysia, but what do the flowers mean? the meaning of red roses is love, respect, courage & passion, yellow roses mean friendship, and pink roses represent gratitude and happiness. Giving your loved ones blue violets declares that you’ll always be faithful. The flower of lily is meaning innocence; purity and beauty. The lovely tulip tells the world your sweetheart has beautiful eyes, and add some of the baby’s breath to any romantic bouquet declares that your intentions are pure.

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Valentine’s Perfect Gift – Malaysia

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her – Johor Bahru and Malaysia islandwide

Flowers bouquet makes a wonderful present on the special occasion like Valentine’s Day, and this is a really Perfect Gift for your sweetheart, shows your sweetheart how much you truly care for her.

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Best valentine’s flowers Johor Bahru

Top 5 most popular flowers bouquet for Valentine’s Day in Johor Bahru

14roses-btmAre you looking for the fresh flowers and gifts for your Valentine to send to Johor Bahru? 14th February is one of the busiest days for the florists, due to the high demands for delivery orders on special holidays like Valentines Day, you should place your order at least one week before to guarantee your order delivered on time. The following is a top 5 list of the most selling flowers for Valentine’s Day in Johor Bahru.

1. roses
2. super roses
3. tulips
4. lily
5. sunflowers


Tips to send flowers for women

Understanding sending flowers for women
99_roses1_btmLearning how to buy the fresh flowers for women will help and lets her know that she’s on your mind, whether the women is your wife, beloved girlfriend or mother, let the flowers bouquet you are select to help you translate all your feelings into the flowers. The following is a tip to help you understand that when should send the flowers for her.

1. Remember season holidays especially like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day
tulips_9_btmDon’t wait until the last minute to buy the fresh flowers bouquet from any florist shop, you will find a very limited selection especially like roses, lily and tulips, don’t be one of those men whose are standing in front of the flowers shop during Valentine’s day and staring the last few flowers bouquet left.

2. Remember her birthdays or the anniversary.
EU_btmYour beloved girlfriend or wife will love to receive a surprise gift of flowers. you will be surprised every woman in the world can always remember the last time when she got flowers!

3. Find a reason to send flowers bouquet for your first love, sweetheart or wife
Say thank you to her for anything, or for your first love after a successful meet first date, sending a flowers bouquet will help you to make a second date.

4. Where to buy the flowers
Visit the florist shop to select the high quality flowers, or ask the professional florist designer to help you choose the freshest and high-quality flowers, if you don’t have a time to visit a florist shop, place your order online is a best choice, many florist shop now available order online, from the florist website will show you a lot of beautiful flowers bouquets that you can select.

Hope from those tips will help you to understand the language of flowers, if you have any question or need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are one of the best florists in Johor Bahru Malaysia, provides order fresh flowers online for any occasion with same day flowers delivery.

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