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Skudai florist online, Send flowers to Skudai

pink-static-flowersMaple Florist is your one of the leading florist that deliver the romantic flowers bouquet and gifts to anywhere within Skudai, Johor Bahru Malaysia, we will bring the love to your Sweet Heart, even when you are a thousand miles away.

For every occasion, send your greetings and love with a unique romantic bouquet create by us, the most popular florist in Skudai. Make your selection from our wide range of flowers and gifts for all occasions.

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Kedai Bunga Johor Bahru

rainbow-roses_btmKedai bunga Johor Bahru menawarkan perkhidmatan penghantaran bunga dan hadiah ke kawasan Johor Bahru dan seluruh Malaysia.

Kami pakar dalam hiasan bunga untuk rumah, bunga tahniah, bunga belasungkawa, sejambak tangan, keranjang buah, hamper hari raya dan banyak lagi. Anda akan dapati pelbagai pilihan ciptaan yang unik, seperti yang kami kehendaki untuk menghormati setiap saat yang istimewa dengan anda, anda boleh menemui reka bentuk bunga & bunga bunga indah & indah untuk semua kesempatan di sini.

Kami berdedikasi untuk meletakkan pelanggan kami di tengah-tengah apa yang kami lakukan. Pasukan profesional kami berharap dapat membuat pengalaman anda menjadi yang menyenangkan. Kami komited untuk menyediakan perkhidmatan peribadi yang mesra dan cemerlang. Oleh itu, kami akan pergi lebih jauh hanya untuk menjadikan hadiah bunga anda sesuai untuk anda. Lawati kami hari ini!

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Why sending grand opening flowers

1We can often see it. Whenever a new company official opening. A variety of grand opening flower arrangement with stand is placed on the doorway. all the flowers arrangement definitely are sent by their business partners, friend or relatives.

At the same time, we can also see a variety of flowers in various festivals and even in the company’s event. As long as there are flowers, it is inevitable that the atmosphere of the activity will be more harmonious and harmonious. And this is the meaning of flowers.

Although flowers have always been a gift for people to communicate with each other relationships, they often have a stronger role in business activities. Most of the time. Business activities were originally a more serious event. Both parties will be more rigorous for their own reasons. At this points, if one of the company chooses to send flowers to the other company. it will build up the close relationship.

It can be said that to build up the business relationship, can not be separated from the beautiful bridge of flowers.

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Meaning of Valentine’s day flowers

Flower Meanings Can Help to Choose A Perfect Valentine’s flowers bouquet

Sending flowers on Valentine’s Day is traditional in Johor Bahru and Malaysia, but what do the flowers mean? the meaning of red roses is love, respect, courage & passion, yellow roses mean friendship, and pink roses represent gratitude and happiness. Giving your loved ones blue violets declares that you’ll always be faithful. The flower of lily is meaning innocence; purity and beauty. The lovely tulip tells the world your sweetheart has beautiful eyes, and add some of the baby’s breath to any romantic bouquet declares that your intentions are pure.

valentines-roses-5We have a wide selection of Valentine’s Day flowers bouquet, you can place anytime via our online store, our delivery service coverage whole Malaysia. Kindly click the following website to place your order now.

Celebrate your Valentine’s Day in Malaysia

Different Ways To Celebrate Your Valentine’s Day in Malaysia

14roses-btmFebruary 14th Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, for the day is to spread the love and exchange affectionate gifts or flowers to one another. Here is an article to show you how to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart or friends in Malaysia.

1. Spend time with your sweetheart
Go out to a nice restaurant with the romantic meal or maybe you may have to create a special dinner for her.

2. Make a homemade card for your beloved
This card will have more meaning to your beloved if it’s created by you instead of buying Valentine’s card from any gift shop, and you should use your own words to show your beloved how you love her and appreciate her.

3. Express your love with a flowers bouquet.
Send her Valentine’s Day red roses bouquet is a wonderful way to express your love and feeling to your loved ones. Red roses symbol of romantic love and enduring passion and is a classic gift for Valentine’s day.

Valentine’s Perfect Gift – Malaysia

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her – Johor Bahru and Malaysia islandwide

Flowers bouquet makes a wonderful present on the special occasion like Valentine’s Day, and this is a really Perfect Gift for your sweetheart, shows your sweetheart how much you truly care for her.

We provide same day Valentine’s flowers delivery to whole Malaysia, kindly visit our online store and find the perfect gift for her to send on 14th February.


Malaysia Best Flowers on Valentine’s Day

Most romantic flowers on Valentine’s day in Malaysia

When planning to purchase lovely flowers for a special occasion like Valentine’s Day, it may be helpful if you know the meaning and symbolism the type of flower that you choose conveys.

14roses-btmRed roses remain the most traditional popular type of flower given and received on this special day, especially in Johor Bahru and whole Malaysia, red roses symbolize romantic love. Pink roses show that you are grateful and thanks and the yellow roses represent friendship or affection, it’s for long relationship or marriage.

tulips_bouquet_btmTulips, the second most popular option after roses in Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya, all tulips in Malaysia are imported from Holland, red tulips symbolize romantic of love, pink tulips symbolizes of caring, attachment, white tulips symbolizes purity and purple tulips symbolizing royalty.

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Are You Ready For Valentine’s Day?

Are you giving someone a special Valentine’s gifts this year?

14roses-btmValentine’s Day is just around the corner, are you ready to send gifts for your beloved in Johor Bahru or Malaysia? Valentine’s Day is romantic. We give and receive romantic hand bouquets of flowers, sweet chocolates, cute teddy bears to steal her heart, and love message cards that make your loved ones feel oh-so-special.

valentines-roses-4Surprise Your beloved at home, work or somewhere else, there is nothing like the “wow” factor when the romantic bouquet come through the door. Make her this coming Valentine’s day (14th February) so special and you will feel the power of the flowers.

As one of the best online florists in Malaysia, we provide same day flowers delivery service to JB and whole Malaysia, we will select the freshest and best quality flowers for your order with the cheap price, you can place your order through our online website, if you need more information about our Valentine’s gift product, kindly contact us via +60177682347 (WhatsApp, LINE, Viber) or visit our website.

Wholesale flowers Johor Bahru

Flowers supplier in Johor Bahru Malaysia

sun_2_btmWe are located in the heart of the Johor Bahru District, our company Maple Flora Enterprise is one of the largest fresh flowers suppliers of wholesale in Johor Bahru.

We supply wholesale flowers which include roses, super roses, Valentine’s roses, Mother’s day flowers, India roses, carnations, China roses, Ecuador roses, tulips, hydrangeas, lily, sunflowers, daisy, phalaenopsis, cymbidiums and all kinds of import flowers. our local flowers supplier from Cameron Highlands and import flowers supplier all are from China, Australia, New Zealand, Holland, South Africa and India.

We provide wholesale flowers in bulk to our customers, florists, church, restaurants, weddings, function and hotel between Johor, other states of Malaysia and Singapore.

We always have a fantastic range of fresh with quality flowers.

Kindly contact our wholesale person in charge +6019-714-9948 or email any time if you have any enquiries.