Johor Bahru 2017 Online New Year Hamper

Johor Bahru CNY Hampers delivery

hamper-7Chinese New Year is the most important Chinese Holiday in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. As the most celebratorial festival, at Lunar New Year in Malaysia, even all year around stores and businesses would be closed for almost 4 days, and student will enjoy 1 week school holidays for Chinese new Year. It is customary for families to give red hongbao to each other and for businesses to send CNY hampers for well wishes.

We have provides variety selection of the Chinese New Year Hamper in Malaysia for delivery to your families, business partner or your sweetheart! We provide high quality and affordable CNY Hampers,  It will be a great gift for corporate, business partner or even your loved ones!

Kindly click the following URL to place your order now.

Johor Bahru Chinese New Year Hamper Online


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